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Squirrels Traffic Intersection is a game where you play a squirrel running around in the middle of the road collecting over-sized acorns while dodging traffic. Each acorn that you collect awards you with some points. As well, golden acorns award you with an extra life (up to a maximum of 5 lives).

This game was originally made for the 6-day Squirrels Extreme Game Jam.

Future updates will be very unlikely to happen (even though there is a section named "Coming Soon"(But I guess that depends on your definition of soon)).

More information

Published 23 days ago

Install instructions

To download:

1) Download the .zip file

2) Extract the .zip file

3) Go inside the extracted .zip file and open the .exe file to play the game

(Data file and application file must be in the same folder)


Squirrel's_Traffic_Intersection.zip (14 MB)

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