A downloadable 'game' for Windows

First of all, this game was made for the Optical Jam where you get a single image that acted as your theme. The image was this:


The game was intended to be an endless game where you start as 1 person and build up into a populated tribe/city but I am currently still developing the early stages of the game.

So far, there is no actually gameplay. Right now, the game is in a state where it is really only a "test" or "experiment" about the game mechanics.

Currently these are the things I have implemented:

- Random world generation (currently the seed is always 0)

- basic movement (click to move)

- camera movement (the camera moves separately from the player)

- basic graphics (some sprites i made up in a few minutes)

How to play: (if you really insist on playing)

Press space to generate terrain. (generating the terrain 2 times will result in glitchy maps. If this happens, press space again.)

Click anywhere to walk towards that point.

Use wasd or arrow keys to move the camera.

Scroll up and down the zoom in and out (zooming in is quite slow as of right now)

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file,

open the extracted file,

open the executable (.exe file).


Tribal_Island_Prototype(0.1.0).zip [Latest v.] 11 MB
Tribal_Island_Prototype(0.0.0).zip 11 MB

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